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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم، الحمد لله رب العالمين، له الحمد الحسن والثناء الجميل، وأشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له، يقول الحق وهو يهدي السبيل، وأشهد أن سيدنا ونبينا محمدا عبده ورسوله، صلى الله عليه وعلى آله وأصحابه والتابعين لهم بإحسان إلى يوم الدين، أما بعد:

The Brotherhood in the Aqdah of Irj of the Qitl (Combatant) and Sulh (Peacemaker) Talaf Movements

There is not much difference in regards to Aqdah (creed) related matters in between the Warriors of Deliverance of today -whom are named as Jihd , Qitl, and the like- and the Ghult (Extreme) Murjiah of today, namely the Talaf Scholars of Saudi except for a few political views.

The most fundamental difference between the Jihd/Qitl Warriors of Deliverance and the Talaf Scholars of Saudi is the former declaring Takfr upon the governors of the so-called Islmic countries of today, and the latter claiming that these Tght are Muslim whilst being their greatest supporters. While the Jihd/Qitl Warriors of Deliverance do not have a standard Aqdah (creed), every-and-each group and individual who attributes themselves to them have a different Aqdah or their Aqdah of today changed yesterday and will be changed tomorrow, while one refers to something as Kufr, the other claims it to be mn, therefore one declares Takfr upon an individual, the latter recognizes him as a Muslim and seeks Istighfr (forgiveness) for him, the Aqdah of the Talaf Scholars of Saudi remains mostly the same. They have been persistent on being Murjiah and have been the most important supporters for the Tght. They have gave Fatw (religious verdicts) which will continue persistence of the Tght, stopped the people from revolting against the Tght, and this school still continues today

The views I will mention here are the views and statements of some of those leaders who claim to be from the Ahlul Ilm (People of Sacred-Knowledge) of the Murjiah of today; the Jihd/Qitl Warriors of Deliverance regarding the Ghult Murjiah of today, the Talaf Scholars of Saudi and those who are included in this school, such as al-Albn. These quotes were compiled from one of the discussion forums in the English language by the so called Jihds. These views and statements may be found in the books of Abdullh Azzm and Umar Abdur Rahmn, and the webpage of al-Maqdis.

The person known as Ab Qatdah has accused al-Albn of being a Ghult Murji in his book Hawl Murjiatil Asr and in his series of articles known as Baynal Manhajayn

Al-Maqdis has written the book Tabsrul Uqal bi Talbst Ahl at-Tajahhum wal Irj is a refutation of people who incline to the Muriah, such as al-Albn and al-Halab.

Ab Basr at-Tarts has an article on al-Albn, titled Madhhibun Ns fish Shaykh Muhammad Nsirid Dn al-Albn. In it he says that it would be better to classify al-Albn as a Jahm instead of a Murj, since his views regarding mn resemble the Jahmiyyah more than the Murjiah. He also says that he gave more details regarding the issue in his book al-Intisr li Ahlit Tawhd - Mulhadht wa Rudd al Shartil Kufr Kufrn.

Also, Ayman adh-Dhawhir criticized Ibn Bz in Ibn Bz Baynaal Haqqah wal Wahm.

Now, lets move onto the statements of the Murjiah Brotherhood:

Lets start with the statements of the scholars of the Warriors of Deliverance who originate from Saudi Arabia so that we dont give any room to funny defences such as that the scholars of the Warriors of Deliverance did not know the Aqdah of Ibn Bz, Ibn Uthaymn, and their likes, so that is why they gave such a ruling in their regards.

Ysuf al-Uyayr said regarding Ibn Uthaymn, The Noble Shaykh, may Allh preserve him.

Al al-Khudhayr said after the death of Ibn Bz, May Allh have mercy upon him.

Nsir al-Fahd placed a chapter in one of his books defending Ibn Bz.

Ab Qatdah said regarding al-Albn, And Shaykh Nsir(ud Dn al-Albn) opposes us, but we do not declare Takfr upon him; may Allh save us from being amongst the Khawrij!..

Ab Umar as-Sayf said regarding Ibn Bz, The Imm of Ahlus Sunnah

Abdullh Azzm said regarding al-Albn in his book F Dhill Suratit Tawbah, The noble Shaykh al-Albn -I ask Allh to bless his life, and may Allh allow us to benefit from his knowledge- in truth, and in confirming that which is true and admitting that which is good, I am of those who studied at the hands of the Shaykh, and I benefited greatly from him in the areas of Aqdah and researching texts - the authentic texts. Because of this, I shudder whenever I come across a weak Hadth, as there is no way that I can place a weak Hadth in any of my books. I cannot stand to do this! Subhnallh, I took from him - may Allh reward him - even if I differ from him in many of the Fiqh opinions that he held. I do not agree with most of his Fiqh opinions, as he held many strange positions. However, in terms of Hadth, then I do not think that there is a single man on this Earth who is more knowledgeable in Hadth than him Our Shaykh, Shaykh al-Albn. Likewise, Mshllh on his Aqdah And we add to this that he never befriended or compromised with the Tawght, nor did he sell out on his religion, nor did he sell the verses of Allh for a small price. Yes, we differ with him in some of his opinions, and I do not accept many of his Fiqh opinions. As for Hadth, then if he tells me that this Hadth is authentic, then I do not question it, yes. In truth, he is a Muhaddith; the most well-known living Muhaddith that we know of today, and Allh knows best. However, this is not the reason that we love him or take from his knowledge of Hadth. This book of his Sahh al-Jmi' - does not leave my side most of the time; whether I am travelling or at home. I have a copy in my house, and I have a copy here (in the training camp). Sahh al-Jmiis Saghr' is basically a mini-manual of Hadth. I am saying that it is of the best of books after the Book of Allh, the Mighty and Majestic. Any Hadth that might come to mind, you can open up this book and see if it is authentic or not." [F Dhill Suratit Tawbah, p. 177]

One of the students of Umar Abdur Rahmn asked him, What do you say about Ibn Bz? He answered, I hate what he used to say (i.e. some of his Fatw which were Btil), but I love him because he was indeed a scholar. When he was asked the question about what he thinks of Abdul Azz Ibnu Bz and other similar scholars who gave the Fatw allowing the Americans to enter Jazratul Arab in Sweden, he answered, They are our brothers who wronged!..

And finally, Ab Muhammad al-Maqdis said in a Fatw which he published online, And all the Ghult Mukaffirah (Extremist Takfris) used to test (ask) the people regarding this Mas'alah. So whosoever declared Takfr upon Ibn Bz, they left him alone; and whosoever didnt declare Takfr upon him, then they pronounced that person as a Kfir- and also whosoever didn't declare Takfr upon that person, they would declare Takfr upon him.

Al-Maqdis said when he was asked regarding whether or not he declares Takfr upon al-Albn, he replied, There has never emanated from me in even a single day, any declaration of Takfr upon him (al-Albn)- not in a single statement, nor in a single writing.

Al-Maqdis also said regarding Ibn Bz and al-Albn, And with relation to the mentioned Shuykh not declaring Takfr upon the Tawght- what is apparent is that it was an incorrect Ijtihd from them. We do not make permissible (Istihll) declaring Takfr upon them for merely this mistake of theirs. And whosoever says other than this from us (regarding our position) - then they have fabricated a lie against us.

The quotes from the English forum of the Warriors of Deliverance have ended. Now, we are going to quote similar quotations:

Abdullh Azzam says regarding Ibn Bz, Ibn Uthaymn, and their likes, I wrote this Fatwa and it was originally larger than its present size. I showed it to our great respected Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Bazz. I read it to him, he improved upon it and he said it is good and agreed with it. But, he suggested to me to shorten it and to write an introduction for it with which it should be published. But the Sheikh was busy, it being Hajj season, so he had no time to review it again.

Then the Sheikh (may Allah protect him) declared in the mosque of Ibn Ladna in Jeddah in the large mosque of Riyadh that Jihad with your person today is Fard Ayn (global obligation). Then I showed this Fatwa, without the six questions at the end, to Sheikh Abdullah al Waan, Saeed Hawa, Mohammed Najeeb al Muti, Dr. Hassin Hamid Hissan and Umar Sayaf. I read it to them, they agreed with it and most of them signed it. Likewise, I read it to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Salah Bin Uthaimin and he too signed it. I also read it to Sheikh Abdur Razaq Affifi, Hasan Ayub and Dr. Ahmad al Assal.

Then he says, The major scholars, the foremost among them, the Honourable Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Bazz, have passed a Fatwa which declares that directing the Zakat to the Afghani mujahideen is of the finest deeds and the best charity. (Defence of the Muslim Lands the First Obligation After Iman, p. 10+)

The following is from a sympathetic individual from todays Murjiah, the so called Jihd; He sums up the view of todays Murjiah the so called Jihd Ulam against the Ghult Murjah of today:

Some of the brothers who sat with the students of Shaykh Ab Muhammad al-Maqdis mentioned to me once that:
There are from amongst the Shuykh of Tawhd and Jihd - such as

1) Shaykh Ab Muhammad al-Maqdis,

2) Shaykh Ayman adh-Dhawhir, and

3) Shaykh Ab Musab as-Sr,

And others - who take the harsher opinion of Ahlus Sunnah regarding Shaykh Ibn Bz. For example, these scholars do not say Rahimahullh after the name of Ibn Bz and other such people. This is just to show that they are harshly and severely opposed to such scholars who worked for those governments, etc.

And then there are other Shuykh - such as

1) Shaykh Nsir al-Fahd,

2) Shaykh Sulaymn al-Ulwn

3) Shaykh Al al-Khudhayr,

4) Imm Hamd bin Uql,

5) Shaykh Ab Basr,

6) Imm Ysuf al-Uyayr,

7) Shaykh Ab Qatdah,

8) Shaykh Ab Umar as-Sayf,

9) Shaykh Husayn bin Mahmd, and

10) Imm Umar Abdur Rahmn

These scholars are severe against the sayings of Ibn Bz, but at the same time, they say Rahimahullh for the Shaykh and pray for his forgiveness and for Allh to have mercy upon him. Yet, at the same time, they clearly and properly refute with evidence and explanation, the Btil Fatw of Shaykh Ibn Bz, and his likes such as al-Uthaymn.

And what should be remembered here is, that none of the two groups of the Shuykh of Tawhd and Jihd mentioned above - none of them despite their harsh words, ever declared Ibn Bz to be a Murtad or a Kfir. In fact, Shaykh Ab Muhammad al-Maqdis, who is of the harshest from amongst the Ulam of the Muwahhidn against Ibn Bz, has condemned and refuted and debated against the extremist Takfriyyah who declare Ibn Bz a Kfir or Murtad. And he has declared himself free from the lies of the fabricators.

The Arabic and English translation of the Fatw of al-Maqdis regarding him not declaring Takfr upon Ibn Bz and al-Albn etc. is as follows:

كما جرى معي في باكستان فقد كانت موجة تكفير ابن باز واضرابه من علماء الحكومات على أشدها .. وكانت مجموعة من غلاة المكفرة يمتحنون الناس بهذه المسألة فمن كفر ابن باز تركوه ومن لم يكفره كفروه وكفروا من لم يكفره وهكذا ..

فلم يصدر مني يوماً من الأيام تكفيره لا قولاً ولا كتابة

بالنسبة لعدم تكفير المشايخ المذكورين للطواغيت ، فالظاهر أنه اجتهاد خاطئ منهم

فلا نستحل تكفيرهم لمجرد خطئهم هذا، ومن قوّلنا غير ذلك فقد افترى علينا

"فاعلم بارك الله فيك أنا لم نؤمر أن نشق عن قلوب الناس ولا أن ننبش عن نواياهم ولم نشتغل يوما قط في قصد ابن باز أوغيره من المشايخ ودوافعهم القلبية في اجتهاداتهم التي خالفناهم وخطأناهم فيها .. وإنما يهمنا من ذلك كله التنبيه على الخطأ الظاهر والضلال البين والانحراف الواضح الذي قد يغتر به الشباب "

فليس الخلاف في ذلك ونحن لم نطعن قط في نوايا هؤلاء المشايخ ولا تعرضنا لمفاصدهم القلبية أو لخفايا نفوسهم أو زعمنا فساد إراداتهم أودوافعهم القلبية ؛ بل على العكس فنحن نصرح دوما بأن المتتبع لحال هؤلاء المشايخ يعرف زهدهم في الدنيا وعدم حرصهم عليها مع كونها كانت مبذولة لهم ميسرة بين أيديهم ؛ وأنا أعرف هذا وأتكلم فيه عن معرفة بأحوالهم ؛ فأنا لم أكن بعيدا عنهم في أول التوجه والطلب فقد حضرت كثيرا من مجالسهم ودروسهم شأني في ذلك كشأن أكثر من نشأ في هذا العصر نشأة سلفية فمكثت مدة في عنيزة وحضرت كثيرا من دروس الشيخ ابن عثيمين واطلعت عن قرب على أحواله وزهده وإنفاقه وكذا الشيخ ابن باز فقد حضرت كثيرا من مجالسه في بيته وفي غير بيته ولم تمنعنا مخالفتهم في فتاواهم المتعلقة في طواغيت الحكام وما إلى ذلك من الشهادة لهؤلاء المشايخ بالزهد في الدنيا بل والعلم في أكثر أبواب الدين وكذا الانفاق ومساعدة الناس والحرص على الخير للمسلمين فليس هذا موضع خلاف عندنا كما أننا لم نتكلم قط على النوايا ولا تعرضنا لما في الصدور؛ فهذا نكله لمن يعلم السر وأخفى سبحانه وتعالى وإنما كلامنا دوما منحصر فيما يظهر لنا من أعمال أو فتاوى وأقوال ؛ وهكذا أمرنا في أحكام الدنيا

And all the Ghulaat Mukaffirah (Extremist Takfeerees) used to test (ask) the people regarding this Mas'alah. So whosoever did takfeer on Ibn Baaz, they left him alone; and whosoever didn't do takfeer on him, then they pronounced that person as a kaafir- and also whosoever didn't do takfeer on that person, they would perform takfeer on him.

There has never emanated from me in even a single day, any takfeer on him (al-Albaanee)- not in a single statement, nor in a single writing.

And with relation to the mentioned Shuyookh not performing Takfeer on the Tawaagheet- what is apparent is that it was an incorrect ijtihaad from them. We do not make permissible (istihlaal) making takfeer on them for merely this mistake of theirs. And whosoever says other than this from us (regarding our position) - then they have fabricated a lie against us.

Know! May Allaah bless you: We were not ordered to split open the hearts of people, nor were we ordered to escavate for their intentions. And we have never ever in even a single day pondered over the intention of Ibn Baaz or those Shuyookh similar to him, nor for their internal motives in their Ijtihaads which we have opposed and taken them as mistaken with regards to it. Rather, the only thing which we are interested in, is to point out these apparent mistakes and clear misguidance, and obvious astrayness which could decieve the Youth.

The disagreement is not there (i.e. not staying silent regarding the mistakes of the Shuyookh just because they had good intention). Rather, we have never made any accusation upon the intentions of these Shuyookh, nor have we pondered over their internal motives, or what is hidden in their souls- Nor have we claimed that their desires and internal motives were evil/corrupt. Rather- The OPPOSITE. We have always made clear that one who follows the situation of these Shuyookh, he will realize their absistence (ZUHD) from the world, and their lack of desire for it, EVEN THOUGH it was laid in front of them, easily in reach of their hands. And I (Aboo Muhammad al-Maqdisee) know this, and I speak regarding him (Ibn Baaz and similar Scholars) from KNOWING their situations. I was not far from them in my seeking of Knowledge, for I indeed attended many of their gatherings and lessons. My affair in this was similar to most of those who grew in this Era, a growth of Salafiyyah. And I resided in 'Unayzah for a period of time, and I attended many of the duroos/lessons of ash-Shaykh al-'Uthaymeen, and I saw his conditions very closely, and his Zuhd (absistence), and his charities. And likewise, ash-Shaykh Ibn Baaz, for indeed I attended many of his gatherings, inside his house and outside of it. And our opposition to their Fataawaa regarding the Tawaagheet Rulers and such does NOT PREVENT us from giving TESTIMONY to the ZUHD, absistence from the world, of these Shuyookh- and even their 'Ilm in most of the matters of Deen, and similarly their givingness and their assisting mankind, and their encouraging Muslims upon Khayr [goodness]. So this is not the matter of difference with us; Just as we have never ever spoken regarding the intentions (of these Shuyookh), nor have we delved into their breasts- Rather, we leave that to the One Who knows the Hidden and Subtle, Glory is to Him and High is He. Rather, our words are always stopped at whatever is apparent and external to us.

We say in conclusion: we have exposed the Murjiah Brotherhood of the Warriors of Deliverance and the Ghult (Extreme) Murjiah of today, namely the Talaf Scholars of Saudi. It is quite ridiculous to say that a person who does not/cannot declare Takfr upon Saddm Husayn declares Takfr upon Ibn Bz.

O sympathetic followers of the Warriors of Deliverance! Leave alone the rotten and falling apart Aqdah of the Murjiah leaders and their paths, and enter into the religion of Allh!..

آخره والحمد لله رب العالمين، وصلى الله على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه وسلم تسليما كثيرا إلى يوم الدين.
قولوا "لا إله إلا الله" تفلحوا

"Say, La Ilaha Illallh (there is no -true- deity -worthy of worship- except Allh) so that you are successful."

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This article above regarding The Murjiah Brotherhood from todays Murjiah -The Warriors of Deliverance (the So-called Jihds)- to the Ghult Murjiah of Today -Saudi Salafs- was published in 26/11/2007. Even though there have been many changes since then, both in the Jihd Movements and their so-called Scholars the subject of their Murjiah Brotherhood remains the same. Wa's Salm!..
Shaykh'ul Islm Ibnu Taymiyyah (Rahimahullh) stated,

والعالم يعرف الجاهل؛ لأنه كان جاهلا، والجاهل لا يعرف العالم لأنه لم يكن عالما

"The lim (scholar) recognizes the Jhil (ignorant) since he was once a Jhil. The Jhil does not recognize the lim since he has never been an lim." (Shaykh'ul Islm Ibnu Taymiyyah, Majm'ul Fatw, 13/235)


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