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Subul’us Salâm

Statements by the Scholars Regarding Shirk and Its Types

Ibnu Qutaybah Rahimahullâh said,

"Shirk to Allâh is ascribing a partner unto Him."1

Ibnu Taymiyyah Rahimahullâh said:

"The basis of Shirk is to equate Allâhu Taâlâ with His creation in some aspects that He alone deserves."2

"Whosoever equates Allâh with something else in one of Allâh Subhânahu wa Taâlâ's specific qualities, then he is a Mushrik (polytheist)."3

Ibn'ul Mibrad Rahimahullâh said,

"Mushrik is someone whom Shirk has occurred from. Shirk is to associate something to Allâh in worship."4

Sulaymân bin Abdillâh Rahimahullâh said,

"Shirk is to liken the creation to the creator -Exalted and Sanctified be He- in the specific qualities of Ilâhiyyah."5

Imam ash-Shawkânî Rahimahullâh said,

"Shirk is to perform an act that is specific to Allâh Subhânahu wa Taâlâ to other than Allâh."6

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"If the ignorant persists, gets haughty, is determined upon his transgression and misguidance, chooses blindness over guidance, and if what he falls into and disputes with regards to is Shirk Akbar (major Shirk) that brings the person who commits it out of the fold of the faction of Muslims to the party of polytheists, then in this case, the just verdict is the sword!" (al-Fath'ur Rabbânî min Fatâwâ'l Imâm ash-Shawkânî, 1/185)

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