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Subul’us Salâm

Quoteas-Salamu alaikum ustadh.

Does working as a tax inspector agent for the Taghut take a Muslim out of the fold of the religion?

Wa Alaykum. The principle is refraining from the Tâghût.

Shaykh Muhammad bin Abd'il Wahhâb Rahimahullâh said, "When it comes to the Description of Rejecting the Tâghût it is, that you believe worshipping other than Allâhu Taâlâ is vain, that you abandon worshipping other than Allâhu Taâlâ, that you have Bughdh (hatred) towards worshipping other than Allâhu Taâlâ, that you declare Takfîr upon those who worship other than Allâhu Taâlâ, and that you have enmity towards them."1

Ibnu Sahmân Rahimahullâh said, "What is intended by refraining is hating and showing enmity towards it with the heart, insulting and rebuking it with the tongue, and when capable of doing so, putting an end to it with the hand and separating from it. Whoever claims to refrain from the Tâghût and has not done these, then he is not truthful."2

Tax is something that the Tâghût collects from people unjustly and in this sense, it is not Kufr to help in unjustness, rather, it is Harâm.

It is narrated in Musnad of Ahmad that Rasûlullâh Sallallâhu Alayhi wa Sallam said, "I swear by Allâh in Whose Hand is my soul, this (adulterer) woman has repented in such a manner that if a tax collector had repented in such a way, he would be forgiven."3

In his commentary of this Hadîth, al-Qâdhî Iyâdh Rahimahullâh said in brief, "In this Hadîth, there is a proof regarding the magnitude of the sin of the tax collector, for he acts unjustly with people and takes their wealth unjustly."4

If a person needs to say a word of Kufr or commit Kufr in order to enroll in or work at the tax-inspecting agency, then this action will be Kufr. And Allâh knows best!

1- Ad-Durar'us Saniyyah, 1/161-163.

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3- Ahmad, Musnad, Hadîth no. 22949.

4- Al-Qâdhî Iyâdh, Ikmâl'ul Mu'allim, 5/522.
"If the ignorant persists, gets haughty, is determined upon his transgression and misguidance, chooses blindness over guidance, and if what he falls into and disputes with regards to is Shirk Akbar (major Shirk) that brings the person who commits it out of the fold of the faction of Muslims to the party of polytheists, then in this case, the just verdict is the sword!" (al-Fath'ur Rabbânî min Fatâwâ'l Imâm ash-Shawkânî, 1/185)

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