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Subul’us Salâm

Establishment of The Hujjah is Necessary Not Comprehending It1

Shaykh'ul Islâm Muhammad bin Abd'il Wahhâb Rahimahullâh

May Allâh inhabit him in the Highest Paradise, Muhammad bin Abd'il Wahhâb has another letter that reads:

Bismillâh'ir Rahmân'ir Rahîm.

(From Muhammad bin Abd'il Wahhâb) to the brothers,

Salâmun Alaykum wa Rahmatullâhi wa Barakâtuhu.

To proceed:

As for what you mentioned of the Shaykh's (Ibnu Taymiyyah Rahimahullâh's) statement, "Everyone who denies such and such, while the Hujjah has been established upon him," and of you being doubtful regarding those Tawâghît (pl., Tâghût) and their followers, has the Hujjah (proof) been established upon them, then this is strange! How can you doubt about this when I have repeatedly clarified it for you?

For indeed, the one whom the Hujjah has not been established upon is the one who is new to Islâm, and the one who was raised in a distant wilderness; or this is the case when the matter is obscure, like Sarf  and Atf . So he is not declared Takfîr upon until it is made known to him. As for the Usûl'ud Dîn (the foundations of the religion) that Allâh has clarified and solidified its rulings in His Book, then indeed the Hujjah of Allâh is the Qur'ân. So whomever the Qur'ân has reached, then the Hujjah has reached him. But the source of dispute is that you have not differentiated between the establishment of Hujjah and the comprehension of Hujjah. For indeed, most of the Kuffâr (pl., Kâfir; disbelievers) and Munâfiqûn (pl., Munâfiq; hypocrites) from amongst the Muslimûn (pl., Muslim) did not comprehend the Hujjah of Allâh though it has been established upon them, as Allâhu Taâlâ said,

"Or do you think that most of them listen or understand? They are but like cattle. Rather, they are even farther astray from the (right) way." (al-Furqân 25/44)

The establishment of Hujjah is something, Hujjah -which has already been established upon the people- reaching (the people) is something else, and their comprehension of the Hujjah is something else. Their entrance into Kufr occurs with the Hujjah reaching them, even if they do not comprehend it. If this is problematic for you, then look at the statement by the Messenger of Allâh Sallallâhu Alayhi wa Sallam with regards to the Khawârij,

"Wherever you encounter them, kill them."4

And also at the statement by the Messenger of Allâh Sallallâhu Alayhi wa Sallam,

"They are the worst killed people under the canopy of the heavens."5

This was the case, despite them being in the era of the companions, mankind despising the companions acts compared to theirs, and with the consensus of the people that what expelled them from the religion was strictness, extremism, and Ijtihâd (interpretive judgment) while deeming that they were obeying Allâh. The Hujjah had reached them, yet they did not comprehend it.

Likewise is Alî Radiyallâhu Anh killing and burning those who held beliefs in him, despite the fact that they were the students of the companions, their principles, prayers, fasts, and them thinking that they were upon the truth.

Likewise, the consensus of the Salaf with regards to declaring Takfîr upon the extreme Qadariyyah and others, despite their knowledge, intense worship, and them deeming that they were doing something good. None from the Salaf paused on declaring Takfîr upon them due to the fact that they did not comprehend.

When you know this, then know that you are upon Kufr. People worship the Tawâghît and show hostility to the religion of Islâm, then deem that this is not apostasy. Perhaps they did not comprehend the Hujjah. All of this is clear.

The most apparent of the examples that have preceded are those whom Alî Radiyallâhu Anh burnt, for they resemble these people.

As for sending the words of the Shâfi'iyyah and others, then it is not imaginable that you will get more than what has already reached you. So if you have a problem, then aspire from Allâhu Taâlâ that He frees you from it.

Wa's Salâm!

1- Ar-Rasâ'il'ush Shakhsiyyah, sf. 244-245; ad-Durar'us Saniyyah, 10/93-95.

2- Sarf is a type of magic involving the Jinn aimed at causing separation between people.

3- Atf is a type of magic involving the Jinn aimed at causing bringing people together.

4- Al-Bukhârî, Hadîth no. 4770, 6531; Abû Dâwûd, Hadîth no. 4767; Ahmad, Musnad, Hadîth no. 616, 912; with similar words in Muslim, Hadîth no. 1066; an-Nasâ'î, Hadîth no. 4102.

5- At-Tirmidhî, Hadîth no. 3000; Ahmad, Musnad, Hadîth no. 22208; with similar words in Ibnu Mâjah, Hadîth no. 176.
"If the ignorant persists, gets haughty, is determined upon his transgression and misguidance, chooses blindness over guidance, and if what he falls into and disputes with regards to is Shirk Akbar (major Shirk) that brings the person who commits it out of the fold of the faction of Muslims to the party of polytheists, then in this case, the just verdict is the sword!" (al-Fath'ur Rabbânî min Fatâwâ'l Imâm ash-Shawkânî, 1/185)

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