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Started by Abd’ul Ilah, 27.08.2022, 15:17

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Abd’ul Ilah


Even though the Hilal (the crescent) of Hijri 1436 Dhi'l Hijjah 1436 had been observed by the Muslimin, it has not been sighted. Therefore Dhi'l Qadah will be completed to thirty days as it was informed in the Hadith and September 16th 2015 will be the first day of Dhi'l Hijjah 1436H Inshallah. According to this, Dhi'l Hijjah 9th will fall on September 24th 2015 and will be the Day of Arafa and Dhi'l Hijjah 10th which is September 25th 2015 will be the first day of Id al-Adha Inshallah.

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